You Feel Me?

A multisensory installation creates a new kind of conversation between bodies.

During NYCxDESIGN, thousands of people sat down to experience a new kind of conversation in Times Square. Two at a time, visitors sat in chairs facing each other and spoke into a microphone. The sound of their voices was transformed into physical vibrations felt through their chairs.

Through a shared vibrational space, bodies touched without actually touching. Two people could safely feel empathy in a political climate where voices often evoke strong visceral feelings.

The strong visceral feeling most evoked by the experience was fun. Part conversation, part performance, it was hard for visitors to sit down without sharing a laugh.

You Feel Me? was created for Sound & Vision, American Design Club’s public exhibition celebrating the collision of the design, technology, and sounds shaping the future. The installation is part of our ongoing series of multisensory experiences that incorporate the sense of touch as a medium for design and creative expression.

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