About Us
We merge the digital and the physical to create experiences that inspire and amaze.

Sosolimited was founded by three MIT graduates in 2003 and has been creating innovative digital experiences ever since.

With backgrounds in architecture, science, engineering and design, we understand how to transform complex information into engaging stories.

Our mission is to create memorable work that inspires curiosity and wonder.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts brings bold ideas to life from concept to installation.

Strategy & Planning

Creative Direction

Concept Development

Data Analytics


Design & User Experience

Data Visualization

Installations & Placemaking

Interactive Lighting


Software Development

Hardware & Prototyping

Project Management

Fabrication & Install

We work with forward-thinking organizations to elevate their spaces and create lasting engagement.
Company Partners
Eric Gunther
Creative Director
Versed in the arts of computer science and music, Eric is an inventive thinker that pushes the boundaries of design and technology.
Justin Manor
Director of Innovation
With a background in astrophysics and media art, Justin knows how to harness the bleeding edge in technology to make matter and energy dance.
John Rothenberg
Managing Director
An architect by training, John is a problem solver who applies his critical design eye to spaces and strategies alike.
Wade Aaron
Director of Production
An experienced engineer with a masters in fine arts, Wade brings a rigor that keeps the studio running like a racecar.
Our work has been exhibited internationally, featured in the news, and made millions of impressions.