Our vision is a world in which design and technology work hand in hand to unlock our collective creative potential and bring us closer to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Today’s problems are bigger and more complex than ever: climate change, disinformation, emotional isolation, resource scarcity, social equity.

Two of our most powerful tools to address these issues are design and computation. But these tools are powerless in isolation. They must be combined.

Design focuses technology on human problems. Technology gives design the power to achieve impact at scale.

This synthesis of creativity and technology is what defines SOSO at our core. We are uniquely capable of imagining a better future and making it real.

We are experts at delivering real human impact across physical and virtual space.

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Creating memorable spaces that foster connection.

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Design that surrounds you and impacts all the senses.

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Curiosity and Imagination become the fuel for transformation.

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Amplifying invention with inspiration to imagine and build a better future.

Founded at MIT in 2003, our multi-disciplinary team of experts continues to invent a better world through design and technology.

Anna Garbier Headshot

Anna Garbier

Creative Technology

Dalma Földesi Headshot

Dalma Földesi

Design & Technology

Eric Gunther Headshot

Eric Gunther

Creative Director

John Rothenberg Headshot

John Rothenberg

Managing Director

June Lee Headshot

June Lee

Digital Design

Justin Manor Headshot

Justin Manor

Director of Innovation

Mia Zaidan Headshot

Mia Zaidan

Architectural Design & Production

Policarpo Baquera Headshot

Policarpo Baquera

Creative Technology & Production

Seun Aribo Headshot

Seun Aribo

People & Operations

Shi Tang Headshot

Shi Tang

Architectural Design

Wade Aaron Headshot

Wade Aaron

Director of Production

Wes Thomas Headshot

Wes Thomas

Design & Technology

Yaxuan Liu Headshot

Yaxuan Liu

Design & Technology

Forward-thinking organizations across industries turn to us for creative solutions to their most challenging problems.

We have over two decades of experience imagining and building end-to-end design solutions.

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Communicating how design and technology can deliver real human impact at scale.

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Delivering inspiring creative work at the highest level of craft.

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Turning visions into realities that exceed their purpose and stand the test of time.

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Our work continues to evolve and engage long after it is launched.

Our work has been recognized by clients, peers, and the public for the depth of our expertise, the impact of our ideas, and the quality of our design.