Turning your TV into an artwork powered by your voice and your imagination.

What if you could make art by talking to your TV?

Miraj is an interactive artwork that you paint with your voice. Say anything into the Apple TV remote, and within seconds Miraj brings it to life. A perpetually changing collage of mesmerizing image and color takes over your TV screen.

No two Mirajs are the same. The possibilities are infinite, limited only by your imagination. What does a butterfly Miraj look like? What does a butternut squash Miraj look like? A pizza Miraj? A zebra Miraj? Once you start playing, it’s hard to put it down.

The potential to turn any television into a high definition artwork, coupled with built-in speech recognition, got us excited about making something for the new Apple TV.

The magic of Miraj is enabled by custom image processing algorithms. Using the Cinder open source graphics library, we wrote custom software that collects images, analyzes their colors, and intelligently cuts them up into pieces. The software then layers, animates, and effects these pieces into an animated fountain of texture and color.

Miraj is exclusively available in the App Store for Apple TV.

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Creative Direction

Design & User Experience

Software Development

Miraj of 'ramen'.

Miraj of 'zebras'.

“The aesthetics are like a clash of the ancient mystical world and the cynicism-filled Internet.”


Co-creating with an algorithm to turn internet searches into print-on-demand clothing.