Co-creating with an algorithm to turn internet searches into print-on-demand clothing.

PixelWeaver is a web-based application that transforms your internet search results into wearable art. A collaboration with internet-based custom clothier Print All Over Me and the Processing Foundation, PixelWeaver lets users design and produce custom garb inspired by their innermost queries.

PixelWeaver captures the essence of a search term by algorithmically blending the top image search results. Users can create textile-like patterns inspired by words like "grandma" or "sunset". The app uses p5.js and traditional Javascript to weave and manipulate slices from each result to produce textured visuals. Simple controls allow users to manipulate the look of their pattern. Results range from thin, delicate stripes to chunky, graphic blocks. Exploration and play is key to creating the perfect outfit.

PixelWeaver can be used to create t-shirts, bomber jackets, scarves, and tote bags. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Processing Foundation.

A special thanks to Lauren McCarthy and Dan Shiffman for facilitating the collaboration.

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Print All Over Me

Processing Foundation

T-shirt and tote created with PixelWeaver.

Users can create custom garments using PixelWeaver within Print All Over Me.

“It's a new way for people in a community to collaborate with each other and to push the boundaries of creating clothing.”

Meredith Finkelstein

CEO and Co-Founder of Print All Over Me


Turning your TV into an artwork powered by your voice and your imagination.