Seated Catalog of Feelings

A multisensory experience conjures over 100 tactile sensations, ranging from the familiar to the fantastic.

Cooper Hewitt

Concept Development
Design & User Experience
Installations & Placemaking
Software Development
Hardware & Prototyping
Fabrication & Install

Time Out New York
The New York Times

The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum commissioned Sosolimited to create an expanded edition of A Seated Catalog of Feelings for its new exhibition, The Senses: Design Beyond Vision

Our multi-sensory installation uses tactile vibrations and snippets of text to conjure over 100 sensations, ranging from the familiar to the fantastic: a bag of microwave popcorn, falling backward into a tub of jello, riding a seesaw alone, making love to a snail on a bicycle seat, a bouncy ball on pavement.

Unassuming objects—two black chairs and a pillow—are imbued with the invisible power of touch, creating an intimate experience that no one else can feel. Sensations are spoken into headphones and projected onto the floor, followed by sequences of vibrations that rise up from the seat of the chair and into the body. Projected motion graphics respond to the vibrations, inviting people nearby to try for themselves.

The hardest part about the experience is getting up. Visitors close their eyes and lose themselves in sensation for long stretches of time. You can’t know exactly what they’re feeling, but you can tell that something special is happening by the look on their faces.


Press & Accolades
“There’s a line to do this, but like the best lines, being in the line is nearly as fun as being in these chairs...I just thought it was so off the wall and so poetic and surprising, and just funny.”
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