Selfie x Selfie

Transforming your selfie into an undulating 3D landscape that reacts to your movements.

Selfie x Selfie opens a metaphysical portal in your mobile device that lets you travel deep into the hyperspace of your own selfie. It’s also an Android Experiment that uses your phone’s camera, motion sensors, and graphics hardware to generate a reactive 3D universe that responds to your movements in real time. 

Google Creative Lab asked us to design an open source Android app using the Cinder graphics platform. We set out to use modern mobile graphics technology to expand on our work with real time video filters from a decade ago. 

We created Selfie x Selfie, an app that stretches, multiplies, and deconstructs your reflection into an undulating landscape of color. It uses the phone's motion sensors to let users explore three dimensional space, and the camera to capture their image and create ripples in the fabric of spacetime.

The app is available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store, and the source code is available on Github

Selfie x Selfie was built using Cinder for Android and made with some friends at Google. Big thanks to Hai Nguyen for porting Cinder to Android, and for his help on this project.

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Creative Direction

Design & User Experience

Software Development

Your movements cascade throughout the 3D landscape.

Turn 360 degrees to explore different parts of the 3D landscape.

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