ReConstitution 2008

A fresh spin on civic engagement with a remix of the Presidential Debates.

ReConstitution was a live audiovisual remix of the 2008 Presidential debates. There were three performances in three cities, Boston, New York, and Washington DC, each coinciding with the live broadcast of the debates.

We designed software that allowed us to sample and analyze the video, audio, and closed captioned text of the television signal. Through a series of visual and sonic transformations we reconstituted the material, revealed linguistic patterns, exposed content and structures, and fundamentally altered the way in which the debates were watched.

The transformed broadcast was projected onto a movie screen for a seated audience. This work was an Ars Electronica Prix Honorable Mention and a Transmediale Festival finalist. 

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Creative Direction

Design & User Experience

Data Visualization

Software Development

Recreating the video image of Obama through the words of the spoken transcript.

This remix was performed live to a seated theater audience.

“An act both of political engagement and mischief, examining the language of politics while gently mocking its repetitious nature with a kind of scorecard.”

ReConstitution 2012

Decoding the emotions of the Presidential Debates in real time.


Transforming a restaurant with an artwork that turns TV into a never-ending conversation.