Transforming an iconic lobby with an interactive sculpture that responds to text messages.

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Colorspace is an interactive sculpture that translates text messages into breathtaking animations of colored light. Boston Properties commissioned us to create the artwork for the mezzanine of their iconic Boston skyscraper at 200 Clarendon Street.

As tenants enter the space, they pass a long marble wall of suspended light pendants. Anybody with a mobile device can send a text message to the number printed on the wall. The sculpture replies with a sparkling wash of light that sweeps across the wall, illuminating the space with new colors.

Each color palette is unique. ‘Beach’ lights up the space with blues and yellows. ‘Watermelon’ gives you shades of pink and green. ‘Disco’ makes the sculpture sparkle with hot pinks and purples.   

Colorspace perpetually evolves through an ongoing conversation with the community around it. It gives tenants ownership of their shared space and provides a playful, surprising moment as they enter and exit the building every day. It transforms the lobby into a dynamic, participatory space.

Colorspace translates text messages into breathtaking animations of colored light.
Tenants change the color of the lobby by texting the sculpture any message.
The sculpture cycles through color palettes, continuously changing the mood of the space.
The experience balances change and excitement with calm and contemplation.
The polished surfaces of the modernist lobby shimmer with reflections, immersing viewers in color.
Texting ‘disco’ lights up the space with magentas and oranges.
Texting 'jungle' lights up the space in green.
Press & Accolades
“We set out to commission an artwork that could evolve and respond to the people that see it every day. We’ve been thrilled with the response to Colorspace from our tenants. They can’t stop using it.”
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