Twitter Heart

A captivating data sculpture illuminates the realtime pulse of Twitter.

Twitter commissioned Sosolimited to design a series of artistic data visualizations to celebrate the rebranding of their like button. We created a heart-shaped sculpture and animated projections that respond to Twitter activity in real time, giving the online conversation a captivating physical presence.

The first piece was a data driven light sculpture for the Consumer Electronics Show. An eight foot tall heart, made of illuminated translucent rods, beats to the pulse of selected passions on Twitter. The more people are talking about a passion, the faster the heart beats. Visitors can select from a set of topics using a tablet based interface.

The second piece was a graphical visualization, shown on screens and projected at events around the world. A collection of particles representing Twitter users comes together to form a heart that beats to the pulse of the conversation.  

Both of the pieces were installed at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, and quickly became selfie hot spots.   

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Wood & Silver


Data Analytics

Data Visualization

Fabrication & Install

Visitors select from eight topics to see the pulse of the conversation on Twitter.

The sculpture is illuminated with sparkling animations of color.

The sculpture quickly became a selfie hotspot.

“The heart . . . is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones.”

Akarshan Kumar, Product Manager at Twitter

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