Harcourt Wall

A Baccarat Hotel spectacle where the past and future meet.

Visitors to the Baccarat Hotel in New York are greeted by a shimmering wall of crystal, made of nearly two thousand illuminated Harcourt glasses.

Sosolimited partnered with Hypersonic Engineering & Design to develop, program, and fabricate this contemporary interpretation of the timeless Baccarat chandelier. Each iconic Harcourt 1841 glass, the oldest glass in the Harcourt collection, catches the light of an independently controlled LED fixture. Together they form a captivating plane of moving golden light.

The movement of the light changes throughout the day, reflecting the mood of the hotel. Slowly shifting facets of crystal geometry in the morning give way to a field of flickering votive candles in late afternoon, as guests gather in the salon in preparation for the evening. As the clock strikes midnight, the wall reveals delicate plumes of smoke.

Flourishes of light periodically envelope the wall, marking the passage of time and delighting guests.

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Baccarat Hotel New York



Each Harcourt glass can be made to glow with an individually controllable LED.

Patterns of light slowly shift throughout the day.

“There isn’t a generic thing in here. That’s why I think that everyone who walks in here thinks, ‘Oh my God, this doesn’t feel like any other hotel in New York.’”

Kemper Hyers

Creative Director of Starwood Capital

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