Observer Effect

Layering generative digital graphics with optical lenses to vividly embody the process of scientific observation.

Observer Effect entangles physical and digital media to reflect on scientific ways of seeing. The vibrant, ever-changing piece gives visitors an inspiring insight into this very act of observation by layering a nature-inspired, algorithmic animation behind a set of organic, refractive lenses.

Tenants and visitors entering the elevator lobby are greeted by an arrangement of five glowing, animated LED panels. A series of nature-inspired patterns perpetually form and reform, shifting in color and scale across the screens. The visuals evoke a wide cross-section of moments from nature, including leopard prints, turtle shells, sea coral, and wind-blown sand dunes.

As viewers move around, the digital patterns are amplified, distorted, and deconstructed by a collection of acrylic lenses positioned over selected areas of the screens, resembling the optical instruments that scientists use to observe the natural world.

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Leggat McCall


Installations & Placemaking

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Hardware & Prototyping

Fabrication & Install

Physical and digital media are entangled to reflect on scientific ways of seeing the world.

The reaction-diffusion algorithm that drives the artwork mimics a variety of patterns from the natural world.

We wanted to create an experience that inspires and energizes our tenants who pass through the lobby every day. The artwork is never the same at any two moments. The patterns and colors of the piece perpetually change and recombine to make new visuals.

Rola Idris, Leggat McCall

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