Welcoming visitors to iHeartRadio’s Burbank theater with an intelligent live media wall.

iHeartRadio’s premiere event theatre in LA features a 25 foot dynamic media wall as the centerpiece of its entryway. The LED wall is driven by custom software that seamlessly integrates live video feeds from the concert venue, archival video, photography, realtime tweets and brand messaging.

Sosolimited partnered with the Department of the 4th Dimension to design and develop this branded content wall. Behind the beautiful graphics lies a custom content management system that allows the venue staff to determine which content is shown on the wall, and when.

The wall’s CMS is linked directly to Twitter so that it can show live tweets of concert goers and fans. The system was built with a high degree of customization in mind, and it can accommodate the many concerts, TV broadcasts, and private events held in the venue.

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Matt Papi

Department of the 4th Dimension


Hardware & Prototyping

Design & User Experience

“Streams of video, images and text weave together in a constantly changing display that is a one-of-a-kind way to experience a live concert.”

Energy of the Nation

Amplifying the mood of a nation to an urban scale for the 2012 Olympics.