IBM Think Exhibit

Putting visitors at the center of the history of human innovation for IBM’s 100th Anniversary.

To commemorate its 100th anniversary, IBM developed a unique public exhibition to be installed at Lincoln Center. The installation is a celebration of the human approach to understanding and improving the world through science and technology.

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors pass an LED wall showing live data feeds in vivid color. Once inside, visitors encounter a glowing forest of screens. A breathtaking film charts man's patterns of progress and understanding. In partnership with Mirada, who directed and developed the immersive film and produced the design and animation for the interactives, Sosolimited programmed the five unique interactive interfaces that appear on the touch screens at the end of the film. These interactives explore the same 'path to progress' underscored in the THINK film highlighting the history of our progress through Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, and Acting.

The interactives are visually striking and intuitive, providing visitors with an expansive collection of images, stories, and interviews. These multitouch software applications were designed to seamlessly display large collections of data at high frame rates. We developed the software with OpenFrameworks libraries.

The project was a collaboration between SYPartners, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, George P Johnson, Mirada, and Sosolimited. Photos taken by Chris Teague. 

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Ralph Appelbaum Associates

George P Johnson

Sosolimited developed all of the software to power the IBM Think interactives.

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