Jabil Blue Sky Center

Creating an immersive customer experience that educates and inspires.

How do you tell the world what you do when you do everything? Jabil Circuit had precisely that challenge at its new Blue Sky Center in San Jose. The answer, an immersive ultra-high resolution digital experience, composed of eighteen touch-enabled screens seamlessly mounted on a large curved wall.     

In the resting state of the wall, text and images emerge from an undulating field of cubes to tell the story of Jabil, illustrating the breadth of its contributions to design, engineering, and manufacturing, across a broad range of industries. 

When approached, the installation shifts into an interactive state and invites visitors to engage with floating modules of related content. Each module contains detailed stories, images, and movies about a Jabil capability, and can be expanded with the touch of a finger. Related modules are linked, allowing visitors to follow their personal interests and seamlessly navigate a vast interconnected network of Jabil activity and innovation.  

We programmed the software, using the open source graphics framework Cinder, to deliver large collections of information in high-definition at high frame rates. The responsive interactions of the interface are designed to be immersive and intuitive, and are visually enhanced with real time motion effects. 

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Jabil Circuit


Gallagher & Associates

An attract mode takes over the entire wall to tell Jabil's story of innovation.

Intuitive navigation allows visitors to discover new ways to collaborate with Jabil.

“In the lobby is the colorful Jabil Capabilities Wall, a touch-screen grid that dramatically details the company’s vision in all of its multimedia glory.”

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