COCA Interactive Community Wall

Channeling the energy of the COCA community to thank contributors at their new campus.

COCA is a multidisciplinary community arts center in St. Louis, whose mission is to enrich lives and build community through the arts. We worked with them to create a dynamic donor recognition wall that channels the energy and movement of the COCA community to thank contributors at their new campus. 

The experience encourages visitors and community members to explore and create with their bodies, turning the public lobby of the building into a performance space. At any moment, visitors can step up to dance with the screens, conducting the motion and color of fluid waves of nearly a million particles with their movements. These particles represent the COCA community and come together to form the names of donors and important community messages. 

When no one is interacting with the installation, the recorded movements of real musicians, dancers & performers from the COCA community appear, bringing the screens to life. 

As a mission-driven design studio with the goals of inspiring and facilitating creative collaborations, we were thrilled to work with COCA to fulfill their community-driven objectives. A big thanks to all the COCA artists who gave their energy and movement to the piece.

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Todd Vanderlin



Installations & Placemaking

Design & User Experience

Software Development

Creative Direction


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