State of the Smart

Bringing the faces of the team to the face of the company.

athenahealth wanted to honor their team, to make their employee’s faces the face of the company, so we did just that: create an app that transforms the images of their team members into colorful branded portraits.

We worked with MullenLowe to design State of the Smart, a mobile app that uses cutting edge computer vision and AI to transform your image into an athenahealth branded line drawing. 

A mobile photo booth in the lobby of the company’s headquarters gives every team member a chance to create their own avatar, and to add their image to athenahealth’s public ad campaign.

The experience was met with delight from athenahealth employees, who were thrilled to see their images transformed, and become part of athenahealth’s company image. State of the Smart is available on the Apple and Android app stores. Download it now and create your own custom portrait.

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"As the selfie becomes a fixture of modern life, we’re always looking for new and meaningful ways to transform peoples’ images."


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