Akamai Customer Experience

Shining light on the invisible work of an internet technology giant.

Akamai keeps the network running fast and securely, routing up to one-third of all traffic on the internet on any given day. They wanted visitors to their new headquarters to quickly know—and feel—what they do and why it matters.  

We worked with Akamai and Sasaki Associates to craft a digital customer experience that begins the moment visitors enter the lobby and continues into the customer experience center and workspaces across the nineteen story building. 

Visitors to the building are met with an awe-inspiring introduction to the global scale of Akamai’s impact. The Illuminated Edge is a dynamic chandelier that visualizes real Akamai server data from the network through animations of light. An interactive table lets visitors learn about Akamai’s work while exploring different data sets on the chandelier.   

A series of digital interactives are distributed throughout the building, including a touch table that explores Akamai’s history, an interactive customer case study wall, and an interactive architecture solution catalog. The digital experiences allow Akamai to engage its visitors and team members with the stories and information most important to them.  


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