MFA Digital Signage System

Delivering the daily excitement of a museum to visitors through moving signage.

During our tenure at Small Design Firm, we created a collection of digital signs for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The signs present visitors to the museum with a dramatic preview of current exhibitions and collections, as well as information including the day's event schedule and ticket prices. Exhibitions and events are announced with dramatic animations of images and color, inspired by the letter forms of the museum’s logo.

We designed a system that simplifies the job of maintaining the signs for the museum. All content is automatically pulled from the museum’s website and formatted to fit the form factor of each screen. The museum’s staff uses a simple interface to choose unique images and colors for each exhibition, keeping the signs looking fresh.

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts


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Software Development

Animated graphics engage visitors in the ticket queue.

The images and colors are always changing.

“The spacious room features a five-terminal ticket desk over which flat-panel LCD screens offer information about admission, exhibitions, Museum hours, and tickets.”