Inventor Connector

Connecting employees at a technology company through their common thread of invention.

Qualcomm asked Sosolimited to help them celebrate their strong culture of invention and to spark future collaborations between their team members. We created the Inventor Connector, a web application that visualizes the threads of collaboration between thousands of inventors at Qualcomm.    

Any team member can log in to the system using their ID card, and explore a personalized visualization of their connections with other Qualcomm inventors. The app provides multiple views into the data, allowing inventors to connect in different ways through the network of their patents.

For each inventor, the connector shows the collection of all her patents, all collaborators and coauthors, people cited by her, and people that cite her. In addition, inventors can connect by location and by discipline. Each axis provides an opportunity for Qualcomm’s team members to connect, and creates seeds for new collaborations.

The design is inspired by Qualcomm’s new visual identity, and uses inventors’ faces and satisfying physics-based animations to humanize the data. Launched during a conference at Qualcomm, the Inventor Connector was received with much enthusiasm. Qualcomm’s inventors are thrilled to see how they fit into the big picture, and eager to forge new connections. 

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Data Visualization

Design & User Experience

Software Development

Project Management

An intuitive touch interface makes exploring connections simple and fluid.

Employees use the tool to discover new connections with people doing similar work.

A simple interface encourages people to explore the vast interconnected network.

“The Inventor Connector was a great success. It generated excitement among our inventors, and revealed valuable insights into the way that we collaborate at Qualcomm.”

Jason Kenagy, VP of Intellectual Property at Qualcomm