Soso Welcomes Aiko Nakano

We are happy to welcome Aiko Nakano to our Boston studio! Her background is in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture and she has worked on some very cool projects that combine physical and digital design.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, I grew up spending the latter half of my childhood in Seattle. I like to design and build things. With backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, I get to do both! I develop for digital and physical interfaces that people can interact and have fun with. Pictured above is my most recent art installation called Bloom, which is a sculpture that buds open into a semi-private pavilion and was featured at Harvard's Arts First Festival. I also develop for the web as well as digital art installations such as digiPop where people can blow differently shaped digital bubbles into the screen based on the way they blow into the microphone, their tone of voice, and movements.

When I'm not programming, tinkering, or in a fabrication shop, I'm touring and documenting architecture, playing soccer with my dog, and thinking of new things to build.