Sosolimited is an interactive design studio.
We create unique digital experiences with a focus on live data and dynamic content.
Art of the Thrill  
We transform data into works of art.
CSIS Data Chandelier  
We build striking installations that make people stop and take notice.
iHeartRadio Theater  
We develop experiences that people want to share.
Energy of the Nation  
We power social media campaigns, where live analytics are presented on a massive scale.
ReConstitution 2012  
We empower viewers to tap into large streams of data and find the stories that are important to them.
Patterned by Nature  
We design one-of-a-kind objects that tell our clients’ stories in compelling ways.
IBM Think Exhibit  
We make cutting-edge technology human and intuitive.
ReConstitution 2008  
We transform live media to provide insights in real time.
We imagine new and surprising experiences made possible by digital technologies.
We develop work for a variety of mediums, from sculpture to website.
Ascenders & Descenders  
We're artists, designers, developers, makers, and producers.
Set Top Box  
We operate at the boundaries of art, design, information, and experience.


Algorithmic Clothing Generator

PixelWeaver is a web-based application that transforms your internet search results into wearable art. A collaboration with internet-based custom clothier Print All Over Me and the Processing Foundation, PixelWeaver lets users design and produce custom garb inspired by their innermost queries.

PixelWeaver captures the essence of a search term by algorithmically blending the top image search results. Users can create textile-like patterns inspired by words like "grandma" or "sunset". The app uses p5.js and traditional Javascript to weave and manipulate slices from each result to produce textured visuals. Simple controls allow users to manipulate the look of their pattern. Results range from thin, delicate stripes to chunky, graphic blocks. Exploration and play is key to creating the perfect outfit.

PixelWeaver can be used to create t-shirts, bomber jackets, scarves, and tote bags. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Processing Foundation.

A special thanks to Lauren McCarthy and Dan Shiffman for facilitating the collaboration.

Print All Over Me
Processing Foundation

Data Visualization
Web Development
Idea Generation
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