We built a realtime Twitter analysis and visualization platform to power SosoTasty.


A playful typographic visualization of the tastiest food trends on Twitter.

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Awwwards Honorable Mention

Looking for something to satsify your sweet tooth? Curious about the word on wood-fired pit BBQ? SosoTasty serves up an endless, curated stream of food trends on Twitter, giving you the up-to-the-minute dish on what's most delicious in the conversation. 

We built SosoTasty using our realtime Twitter analysis and visualization platform. The system searches Twitter for uses of words like "delicious" and "tasty." It analyzes the collected Tweets and identifies emerging trends by creating a dynamic dictionary of words, phrases, and hashtags. It offers three different views into the conversation: trends, mentions, and themes. Trends are the words and phrases being used the most at any given moment. Mentions are the people being talked about and retweeted the most. Themes are curated categories that capture conversations around specific topics, using custom language dictionaries. Behind the platform is a configuration panel that allows for customizing search queries, managing dictionaries and themes, and filtering out unsavory language.

With the right crafting of narrative and curation of search terms, the custom visualization platform behind Sosotasty can be applied to a wide range of topics and stories. We're currently experimenting with new applications of the system—feeding realtime content to websites, data visualizations, media sculptures, and anything else we can imagine. Check it out at sosotasty.sosolimited.com.

SosoTasty serves up a live visualization of the conversation about food on Twitter.
There are three different ways to view the conversation: trends, mentions, and themes.
We identify emerging trends on Twitter using a dynamic dictionary of words, phrases, and hashtags.
Behind the experience, a configuration panel allows for customization of search queries and thematic dictionaries.
The platform behind SosoTasty can be applied to a wide range of topics and stories.
The visualization platform powers both touchscreen installations and web applications.
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