A data landscape created from the live transcripts spoken by the three candidates.

Prime Numerics

Analyzing and reshaping the BBC Prime Minister debates in realtime for a theatre audience.

Future Everything

Creative Direction
Design & User Experience
Software Development
Data Visualization
Project Management

Future Everything

2010 was the first year that the UK Parliamentary elections included American style television debates between the party leaders. We were invited to do a live remix of the debates for the Future Everything festival in Manchester UK, in front of a seated audience.

Everything the three candidates said was run through natural language processing algorithms to compare and contrast the leader's emotional states and affinity for buzzwords. This data analysis was layered with transformed video and audio from the broadcast, and projected for the live audience. The performance was also streamed online.

Spoken words are sorted by length and highlighted by category.
Using the LIWC library, developed at UT Austin, we could quantify the content of the debates in realtime.
The words spoken by each candidate could be compared across a number of topics.
At times the graphics were informative, at other times they were abstract.
Visualizing first, second, and third person language spoken by the candidates.
The video signal of the TV broadcast was recreated through the transcript.
Deliberately obscuring the audio, video image and transcript of the debates.
Using natural language processing to search for charged language.
Basking in the overwhelming amount of data generated during the debates.
Press & Accolades
“A dizzying array of word-usage analysis, highly stylised charts and visualisations, and an illuminating perspective on what the candidates are actually saying.”
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