Art of the Thrill

Using biometric data to visualize the thrill of driving the new Porsche Macan.

The Atlantic
Porsche of North America

Danny Vecchione

The Atlantic

Webby Awards Honoree

Sosolimited was commissioned by The Atlantic and Porsche of North America to visualize the thrill of driving the new Porsche Macan through biometric data. Twenty-five participants were invited to drive the Macan Turbo on a race track near Chicago, and suited up with Hexoskin biometric shirts that recorded their heart rate and respiratory response.

We created an artistic visualization of the data along with a short film to document the event and our process. A big challenge was to design forms that were both expressive and beautiful, but retained a threshold of legibility. We achieved a balance of expression and clarity by presenting the data as abstract landscapes evoking the shape of the race track. Each driver’s data streams are traced out along the virtual space of the track, growing and changing color to reveal the driver’s response to the thrill of driving a Porsche.

The piece was featured as sponsored content on The Atlantic website with editorial text describing the project. The full story is available at The Art of the Thrill.

Hexoskin shirts record biometric data for each driver while speeds exceed 100 mph.
Custom software pairs GPS tracking with biometric data for visualization.
Heart and breathing rates depicted by inner and outer forms, respectively.
A video crew documents the artwork along with the process of its creation.
Data streams race along the track in virtual space.
Each driver's biometric data creates a unique imprint of their experience.
A pace car leads two Porsche Macan Turbos around the track.
Visualizations combine to create virtual landscapes of experience.
Press & Accolades
“Artistic renderings of the data show that everyone experiences the thrill in different ways. The colors, shapes, and sizes reflect real-world factors such as the contours of the track, heart and breathing rates, moments of adrenaline, and moments of rest.”
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