August 18, 2014

Soso Welcomes David Wicks

David in Norway, on a ferry to the Urnes Stave Church

We’re excited to announce that David Wicks is now part of the Sosolimited team. We’ve known David for quite some time. He studied with our close friend and colleague Lauren McCarthy at UCLA, we all worked on the IBM Think Exhibit, and he partnered with us on the iHeartRadio Theater. We’re happy to announce that David will be leading software development at Sosolimited and running our Midwest R+D facility. Let’s let David tell you his story…

I grew up in Oxford, OH, a small college town surrounded by fields and forests.

I studied architecture at Miami University. While there, I saw a presentation by Douglas Garofalo that featured interactive building facades. I knew then it wasn’t buildings I wanted to make, but had very little idea where to start. Luckily, Miami hired Ira Greenberg soon after and I was shepherded into the world of creative coding through Processing. I completed my degree in architecture, doing sketches and presentation materials with Processing and ActionScript as much as possible (and much to the credit of my architecture professors, who supported me).

After working for a few years as a front-end web developer, I attended UCLA’s Design Media Arts program where I earned my MFA under Jennifer Steinkamp, Casey Reas, Gail Swanlund, and Mark Hansen. While there, I made projects inspired by landscape, land use, and water politics.

Since leaving LA, I have been an occasional workshop teacher, contributor to Processing and Cinder, and freelance developer. I live in Bloomington, IN, where I like to eat local produce, drink local beer, ride my bike, and take long walks in the woods.

David’s work can be seen at