July 1, 2015

Sam Klitsner, Summer Intern

We found Sam at a UCLA art show last winter, where he had wired a dancer up with motion sensors and a wireless transmitter. As the dancer gesticulated and strode around the gallery space, his individual motions created a soundscape out of audio samples that changed their character throughout the piece. What drew us to Sam was his multidisciplinary approach. He's a musician, tinkerer, coder, builder, and thinker. 

My name is Samson Klitsner, and this is a bathtub I made from free stuff I found on craigslist. I am an undergraduate in the Design|Media Arts program at UCLA, where my interests tend toward interactivity, sound and physical space.

Growing up just North of San Francisco I’ve been exposed to art and tech culture for most of my life. I spent my first year of college getting ready to become a doctor, and soon realized it was not the path for me. I transferred to art school to re-engage with my creative roots, and a couple of years later I was on a school-funded flight to perform a multimedia dance project in Miami. 

I enjoy surfing, comics, and working on music.

One of Sam's interactive installations : https://vimeo.com/119825927