July 31, 2017

Open Source Goodies from Soso

Semantic Sabotage's Black List effect

As part of our ongoing studio education, we try to thorougly document our learning process. From internal workshops to experimental studio projects, we try to leave behind organized notes and code. We return to these materials regularly to refresh our memory (or get new teammembers up to speed). But why keep it all to ourselves? 

We're excited to share Soso's internal collection of educational materials and for-fun libraries. We hope that you find some of these useful, or at the very least, fun to play with. Feedback, forks and remixes are welcome!

Handbooks & Tutorials

Soso Design Handbook

This handbook covers essential design principles, with a focus on practicality and application in the real world. It's a great guide for developers that want to be comfortable with design language and basics. Topics include typography, grid systems, and designing for screens. 

Cpp Handbook

A Soso tour of core C++ concepts, including newer features found in C++14. Sample code is provided so you can follow along with the topics.  Learn about asynchronous programming, inheritance, functional programming and more in C++!

Git Guide

A guide to the most useful git practices and commands, based on the Soso git workflow. Screenshots make it easy to follow along. Check out the section on “When things go wrong?” for untangling gnarly git issues!

Entity-Component Samples

A great resource for object-oriented developers, this handbook introduces the Entity-Component Systems (ECS) architectural pattern. Commonly used in game development, ECS favors composition over object injeritance. You can mix and max object capabilities and reduce class bloat. A new way of looking at the world.


Open Source Libraries

Semantic Sabotage

A web-based tool for creating typographic remixes of YouTube videos. Great for adding some background visuals to your next party. Check out our site to test out the currently-available transforms or better, yet create your own!

Semantic Sabotage's Rainbow Sort effect

2016 Headlines Explorer

A great source of data for design projects and data visualization; we used this for multiple design workshops. 

Headline trends from 2016

Raspberry Pi Video Player

A nice utility for controlling lighting with video...from a Raspberry Pi! Play videos from your Pi and output the pixel values to any DMX-enabled lighting system.

Holiday Brushes

A super fun collection of Processing sketches. We used this to create our 2016 holiday poster! Create designs and text with fir trees, ice cream cones, ribbons, and candies...We're adding new brushes for different seasons...and may eventually port this to web.