May 11, 2012

ofxSoso, an OpenFrameworks Addon

Dear OpenFrameworks Peoples,

When we started Sosolimited, we dove head first into the OpenFrameworks universe and have never looked back. We’ve marveled at the growth of the OF code base and community over the last few years. It’s a staggering body of work and an incredibly powerful tool. We’re slow to the party, but after almost three years of coding with OpenFrameworks, we’re sharing our OpenFrameworks addon, ofxSoso.

You can grab it on Github. Check out the XCode or Visual Studio project for examples on how to do fun things with it. And check the header file of any class for a description and useful notes. Also, check in at Github for updates from the time to time. We’ll be maintaining and improving the addon as we use it.

Some notable features…

  • An optimized 3D scene graph with Z-sorting of objects
  • Nice, easily extensible object model
  • Built-in object animation capability on translation, rotation, scale, alpha, color, and hide/show
  • Animations with linear, Bezier, and spline tween paths
  • Enhanced text with word-wrapping, kerning, mip-mapping, and automatic named entity / UTF-8 character substitution
  • Letter text object that allows you to move and animate each letter in a text as a separate object
  • And more!

The approach and structure of ofxSoso are inherited from a code lineage that overlaps with the OpenFrameworks family tree. For seven years, we worked at Small Design Firm. David Small, the principle, came from the Visual Language Workshop and then the Aesthetics & Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. sdfWindows, Small Design’s badass C++ graphics library, started with the same original code base that eventually grew into OpenFrameworks.

We are deeply indebted to David Small and Mike McKenna at Small Design Firm for their mentorship and guidance. We got our OpenGL coding legs during our time there and this addon would not be possible without their generosity. Finally, big big big ups to the OpenFrameworks community. Thanks and keep doing it like you do it.

Love, Soso