June 9, 2017

Meet César, our Summer 2017 Intern

We’re excited to welcome César Neri to our studio in San Diego. César joins us from Carnegie Mellon University, where he's working to bridge the gap between architecture and human-computer interaction. We're very happy to have him as our summer intern, where he’ll touch a whole range of projects, from digital experiences to physical artworks.

In his own words…

Hey! My name is César and I’m in my fifth and last year at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where I study architecture and human-computer interaction. I try to do work at the junction of both disciplines with hopes of creating something meaningful out of all of it. I’m very excited to be in San Diego for Summer, as I take in as much sunshine and Mexican food as I possibly can. 

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, but call Rochester, NY home. My interests range from urban design to crossword puzzles and glassblowing, but I’m constantly trying out new things to keep me away from the mundane.