January 22, 2013

Astroverb FAQ

An FAQ for our most recent collaboration with The Creators Project, Astroverb.

What is Astroverb?
Astroverb is the world’s premiere and only online Morpholumenological Assessment Service. Astroverb is based upon the principles of Morpholumenology. Morpholumenology is the metaphysical practice of illuminating your future through the words you write.

Where does it come from?
Morpholumenology is a modern twist on the ancient science of word reading. Well, to be more precise, word counting. By simply counting the total number of special words in our writing, we can divine insights into our near futures.

We like to believe that we are the authors of all the words we write, but—as the early Morpholumenologists have shown—greater forces have a hand in what we say and how we say it.

Morpholumenology is a Mystical-Scientific Framework. It has been handed down through unspeakable channels, yet its internal counting logic is based on sound science. Morpholumenology has its sceptics, but lest we not forget that the the human behavior of counting predates that of writing. It is no wonder that the counting of our words can yield such deep insights about our destiny.

How does it work?
First Astroverb extracts the contents of your Facebook wall. It breaks down everything you say into individual words, called Linguistic Tokens, and analyzes them using our custom Astroverb algorithms.

First, we construct your Ego Nucleus. This is done by counting up all of the times you refer to yourself on your Facebook Wall. These posts are assimilated and coalesced into your Ego Nucleus, the core around which your circular Assessment is constructed. The bigger the glowing yellow circle in the middle, the more you talk about yourself. Next we construct your Semantic Plane.

What is the Semantic Plane?
“What is the Semantic Plane?”, you may ask. The Semantic Plane is formed by the inner space of the Dialectical Rings. The Dialectical Rings represent 12 hour periods of time. The Roman Numerals at the perimeter of your rings are the hours of the day. In other words, each day is two trips around the circle. They represent the temporal domain. After extracting your Facebook posts, we plot each of them in time on the Dialectical Rings according to the time at which they were written.

We also plot the Wall Posts of your five most conversational Facebook friends. As we will see later, these posts exert a gravitational pull on the sacred geometries of your Semantic Plane.

What are these Six Axes you keep talking about?
The Semantic Plane is intersected by your Six Major Axes. The full radial span of the SP includes the following eight axes: Abbreviator, Scholar, Utopian, Nihilist, Chronographer, Conformist, Blasphemer, Extrovert

Each of these axes has an associated Archetypal Energy Field which tends to pull the mind of the writer toward specific subjects and character traits. We can see the influence of each axis on your writing by looking for collections of specific words. Each axis has a unique collection of search terms. We add up the number of words along each axis and plot your Word Count Score as a large dark circle along the axis. We also deliver an Axis Assessment for each axis based on your score.

What is the text in the gray box?
This is your Axis Assessment. It is based on where your writing stands on each axis. Think of it as a passing nugget of wisdom, based on your own words. It is a small stepping stone on your Morpholumenological Path.

How can I learn about what each of the Six Major Axes means?
Simply press the title of the axis on your Chart and a description of the axis will appear to the right. These descriptions will give you a feel for the energy exerted by the associated Archetypal Energy Field.

What are all those blue and green angled lines on my chart?
These lines connect your position on each axis with the Wall Posts upon which the axis exerts its Verbal Influence. By clicking on a Word Count Score dot in the middle, you can see all of the Facebook posts upon which it had an influence. Together all of these angled lines form the Geometric Lattice for your Morphogram.

What is a Morphogram?
A Morphogram can be thought of as your own personal fingerprint on the Semantic Plane. It is like an individualized constellation. All of the points and lines of your Semantic Plane form the Geometric Lattice. Using algorithms described in detail by the seminal Morpholumenological Texts, we trace out the lines of your Morphogram in the final stages of your Astroverb Assessment.

The Morphogram is a unique container for your Linguistic Essence. No two are alike.

Can I touch my Morphogram?
Lucky for you, Shapeways has teamed up with The Creators Project and Sosolimited to manifest your Morphogram in the three dimensions of the Physical Plane. Near the end of your journey, you will be given the option to 3D Print your Morphogram as an amulet that you can wear around your neck forever. Whenever you want, raise your hand to your chest and caress the glowing angles of your Sacred Geometries between your warm fingertips.

Wait, I’m confused—what is the meaning of my Lexoscope?
You’ve heard of a Horoscope? It’s like that, but based on your words instead of the stars and planets. At any given moment, the Archetypal Energy Fields are silently exerting their forces upon what you say. By tallying and giving shape to these forces, we can construct your reading for a moment in time.

The ultimate goal of Morpholumenology and the Astroverb service is to divine deep insights about your personal destiny through the secret lives of the words you write. The Lexoscope can illuminate your fate in myriad areas of life. The eminent Morpholumenological scholar, Lex Tonguefeld put it best. “Words are the threads of destiny and sentences, the fabric of fate.”

Now, we don’t suggest that you actually do anything about your Lexoscope. Just let it wash over you and quietly work its magic.

What should I expect?
We are excited for you. You are about to undergo your first Morpolumenological Assessment. We suggest you enter it with an open mind, and allow ancient wisdom to shine through your writings. You are literally the author of your own destiny.