September 29, 2016

Artist Tour at HUBweek 2016

In late September, Soso Boston had the pleasure of hosting a tour during HUBweek, a weeklong event that celebrates art and technology in the Boston area. Our tour led visitors on a journey through Kendall Square in Cambridge, where three of our works reside.


The first stop on the tour was the debut of our newest piece, Diffusion Choir. Eric introduced the kinetic sculpture and explained the conceptual meaning behind its movement and form, while Wes provided some background knowledge on the production and development.

Eric kicking off the tour by introducing Diffusion Choir.

Wes explaining the development process as the audience admires the sculpture.

A member of the audience capturing Diffusion Choir in all of its glory.


After viewing Diffusion Choir, we led the group to a very different piece, the Innovation Clock. Jackie gave the audience insight on the how the monolith functions as a clock, as well as the reasoning behind type, layout, and color choices.

John explained how Twitter data drives the graphics, and how was created a system that automatically curates Tweets about innovation in Boston.

The audience gets a preview of the Innovation Clock outside of 450 Kendall St.

Jackie providing insight about the Innovation Clock's design.


Finally, we made our way to Happy Hour at Firebrand Saints, home of Overscan, a Soso classic. John and Eric walked the audience through the different variations of the TV installation, and afterwards, the studio had a chance to mingle with visitors over drinks and snacks.

Drink mixing and TV remixing. 

The audience gets a glimpse of one of Overscan's transformations.

We had a blast talking art, design and technology with the crowd and were flattered by the the great turnout (the tour sold out a week before the event!).

Thank you HUBweek, Biomed Realty and Firebrand Saints for making this event happen. Here’s to an even better HUBweek 2017!