October 16, 2014

Art of the Thrill

Heart and lungs pumping through fast turns

Sosolimited recently teamed up with The Atlantic Re:think and Porsche of North America to produce a super-fun data-vis promoting the new Porsche Macan.

In mid-August, 25 participants were summoned to a race course on the outskirts of Chicago. Each driver was outfitted with a Hexoskin to collect biometric data whilst careening around the track in a 400 hp Macan Turbo. Heart and respiration rates were correlated with GPS data by the personal analytics team TRAQs, and we dragged the full heap of numbers back to the studio to massage into something beautiful.

Check out the full story and videos at The Art of the Thrill.

Single driver, blood and breath from high above

Single driver, through turns 3-4-5

Full group, breath only down the front straight