December 10, 2014

A Soso Tour of Cpp

Want to get familiar with modern C++ concepts but don't know where to start? Take a Soso tour of modern C++.

While C++ has always shone as a high-performance language, it also has a reputation for being hard to use effectively. Fortunately, modern C++ (aka C++11 and C++14) has a number of language constructs and library features that make it way more fun (and much simpler) to use.

New library features include smart pointers for automatic memory management and function objects because passing functions is awesome. Language constructs include lambdas for closing a function over your current state.

Soso's tour is intended for people who are already familiar with programming in javascript, Processing, or an earlier version of C++. It covers the things you need to know about the language to get up to speed quickly and start writing fast, safe code. We also reference a handful of other sources for when you want to learn in more depth.

Happy coding!